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{ Monthly Archives } March 2005

Important Developments in Biodiesel

Two wonderful developments in the world of TDIs and BioDiesel recently took place. First off, VW decided to extend warranty coverage to TDI owners who run up to B5, (5% BioDiesel) and they are researching higher concentrations. This is a huge win. Although many TDI owners already run BioDiesel, this takes creates a “halo-effect” around […]

The Greenest City in America

No, not Minneapolis unfortunately. This is a great article on Mayor Daley’s quest to turn Chicago into the “greenest” city in America. It’s the kind of visonary, “look-what-we-can-do-when-we-work-together” stuff that I just eat up. Back in 1989 newly elected Mayor Richard M. Daley was plagued with how to lift Chicago out of the post-industrial slag […]

Splinter Cell

This is not the sort of thing I would normally admit out-loud. Yes, I am a geek, all who know me can attest to that. But I usually have a very tempered level of geekitude. The geek is not on display at all times, more like it’s in the holster ready to come out at […]


I had a little sports-related injury a week ago. I just started playing indoor soccer, and I managed to catch my foot in some strange and un-natural way as I was running after the ball. I’m compelled to share a picture: A co-worker wanted to see the ankle the other day, so I pulled up […]

The All-Pervasive Muzak

I’m on the phone with FedEx, asking if I can pick up my package today. (I can’t) He put me on hold to call the local FedEx center, and the hold music was EXACTLY the same as what was playing in my office. Sync’ed exactly. I pulled the phone away from my ear, sweet sounds […]