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{ Monthly Archives } March 2008



Baby Madeline

photo.jpg, originally uploaded by tgoodman00. This is our new little friend, Madeline Logelin.


I filled up my vehicle with BioDiesel Fuel today. A blend probably, since it’s still liable to snow at any time around here. I haven’t filled up since February 22. I drove 550, mostly city, miles. I pumped just under 14 gallons. (40 mpg) The cost per gallon was $3.94. We need to raise the […]

Obama’s Poker Face

If the Reverend Wright thing were a poker game, and Obama is playing Clinton… Obama just said “I see your ten and I raise you a thousand”.

Jill Bolte Taylor

I found this over at It is an amazing presentation given by Jill Bolte Taylor. She is a neuroanatomist who suffered a stroke, and with amazing insight, retells the experience.

Back to Comcast

We’re back on Comcast. The decision to go back was precipitated on the fact that Sonja bought me an AppleTV for my birthday. Very cool device. It deserves a whole blog post all by itself. But anyway, the thought of renting movies with this device is very tempting, until you begin to consider the length […]