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The Green New Deal aims to get us there—and remake the country in the process. It promises to give every American a job in that new economy: installing solar panels, retrofitting coastal  infrastructure, manufacturing electric vehicles. In the 1960s, the U.S. pointed the full power of its military-technological industry at going to the moon. Ocasio-Cortez […]

Video: Naomi Klein Interviews Bernie Sanders on Climate Change

THE BOLD MORAL leadership of newly elected members of Congress like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has me feeling more optimistic about our collective chances of averting climate breakdown than I have in years. Source: Video: Naomi Klein Interviews Bernie Sanders on Climate Change Worthwhile video – we have 12 years…

This is terrifying

The Insect Apocalypse When his parents took him driving, he remembered, the car’s windshield was frequently so smeared with insect carcasses that you almost couldn’t see through it. But all that seemed distant now. He couldn’t recall the last time he needed to wash bugs from his windshield.

passive house

The Pratt House project is an example of a burgeoning movement in the building industry. With the growing concern over the environment and energy, builders and architects are devising ways to dramatically cut the energy use in people’s homes, for both new construction and retrofits. In the U.S., all buildings represent about half of greenhouse […]

Morning Notes

Up a bit earlier than normal this morning… here’s a collection of stuff I was reading… Eurostar, the high-speed rail link between Paris, London and Brussels, said last week it was raising its target to cut emissions because it had already reached its original goals — three years early. Seems to me that its time […]

meat eaters

The Kindest Cut on Slate is filled with mind-boggling statistics about food production, for example: 35 pounds of manure incurred per pound of saleable beef. and The poultry-broiler industry consumed some 240 billion megajoules of energy in 2005, or the equivalent of 42 million barrels of crude oil. That’s more than the entire country of […]

urban chickens

Raising chickens in the city is growing in popularity among those interested in sustainability and keeping chickens as pets. But the venture often proves more difficult than expected. via MinnPost – Urban chicken farming on the rise. I joke about this quite often… I didn’t realize that people actually did it in the city.