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Morning Notes

Up a bit earlier than normal this morning… here’s a collection of stuff I was reading…

Eurostar, the high-speed rail link between Paris, London and Brussels, said last week it was raising its target to cut emissions because it had already reached its original goals — three years early.

Seems to me that its time to end the moratorium on new nuclear plants. From: French Nuclear Power Cleans Up Eurostar

More on the environment:

The worst case scenario, ES&T found, would be irrigated sorghum grown in Nebraska and turned into ethanol. This would use up to 115 gallons per mile. Corn grown there would require 50 gallons of water per mile. Say good-bye to “food vs. fuel,” say hello to “Drink or drive.”

Ethanol from corn is an environmental disaster. Obama’s administration should stop the madness when it comes to subsidies for corn ethanol. From: The Water Cost of Corn-Based Ethanol

The new Wolfram Alpha “fact engine” looks like it will be pretty amazing. Here’s a series of screenshots showing examples of different types of searches.

Our friend (and Emilia’s godmother) Diane is working on a photo-a-day project. I’ve wanted to start doing this, since there are times where I’ll go weeks without taking any pictures. One of my disappointments from our recent trip to Seattle was that I didn’t take more pictures. I did grab this picture, which I’m quite fond of:


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  1. E.M. | 5/7/2009 at 12:26 pm | Permalink

    I’ve been following your train(s) of thought(s) for some time now and I find you to be quite intelligent. I also admire the fact that you so willingly share those thoughts with us. I think you should take more pictures, everyday! I do it and I always wish to share them, but never thought there would be an audience for lil ol’ me and my pics. But, since I’m interested to see what you would see through a lens, maybe someone would be interested in my visions! For the record, this is not the first time my brain has been provoked by your posts, it’s just the first time I’m writing. Keep it coming!

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