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{ Monthly Archives } June 2008

peeking into the frontier

just attended my first session at necc2008, 1:1 Laptops and Seamless Integration: Peek into the Frontier presented by Howard Levin of Urban School in SF.  I visited his school two years ago, as we were preparing to roll out laptops for all of our students. the key message that we learned at the time was […]


wall•e is one of the best movies I have ever seen.


the day before josh and jane’s wedding, matt and I walked around the property for a while taking pictures of the farm. here’s one of my favorites: more over at my flickr page.

twins game

went to the twins game with matt and madeline, jason and nathan today. first one of the year, it’s hard to believe. i’m so excited about that new stadium, i think it’s just especially hard to head to the dome on such a beautiful night. the real reason for our attendance though was to celebrate […]

monday’s meals

just so everyone doesn’t worry too much about an imminent heart attack monday lunch: bulgur, wheatberry, and apple salad monday dinner: mixed green greek salad with chicken only 47 more days of vegetables to cleanse my body

the weekend’s meat list

friday dinner – hamburger with bacon saturday breakfast – nothing saturday lunch – hamburger with bacon saturday afternoon – beef jerky saturday early evening – beef jerky saturday dinner – steak, bratwurst patty saturday after dinner snack – beef jerky saturday pre-storm snack – bratwurst patty sunday breakfast – chorizo (and eggs) sunday brunch – […]


if you’ve read my site, you probably have a fairly good read on my politics. i consider myself to be a fairly open-minded person though, and if a good idea comes along, regardless of party or platform, i’m willing to support it. and so, after watching this inspiring video, i would hearby like to announce: […]