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{ Monthly Archives } January 2009

Not biodiesel’s fault

I knew something was fishy when the bloomington schools canceled school last week because of “biodiesel” when every other school bus in the state uses the same 2% biodiesel. (As mandated by law) And, yep, as it turns out: Citing an independent study, the Minnesota Department of Commerce reiterated today that biodiesel was not the […]

Enjoying the morning

Making pancakes with my pancake batter dispenser. Thanks andrea! Posted by Wordmobi


Because the apple juice news team is fair and balancedâ„¢, we are updating an earlier story, Starting My Car in the Winter After a week of subzero temperatures, culminating in Thursday night’s -25 degree reading, my car failed to start without a jump. The battery simply couldn’t turn the engine fast enough. Now, since it […]

Whittling down the reading pile…

My stack of books keeps growing. Like my Netflix queue, but with more taunt. (As the pile of books sits, physically, by my bedside, whereas the Netflix queue is a bit more ethereal.) I just finished reading Feed by M.T. Anderson. It’s in the pile of books known as “work books”, aka books tangentially related to […]


Where the Wild Things Are, based on Maurice Sendak’s classic picture book, is slated for major motion picture release in mid-2009. via Wild Things All Over – 2/4/2008 – Publishers Weekly. and… the film will carry a blockbuster of a tie-in—and it’s not the book the film is based on: it is a solo novel, […]

battlestar galactica

if you haven’t been watching battlestar galactica, you have exactly 11 days to get caught up before the final episodes air on the SciFi Channel. that’s right. I’m a nerd.


i just went through my facebook “friends” and removed some people. it’s nothing personal, i just think that friend should mean something… and maybe that something is that we’ve actually spoken in the past 10 years? “spoken” could even mean that we chat with instant messaging. spoken does not mean that we play status update […]