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{ Monthly Archives } June 2003

Whew! It’s Friday!

Who knew that posting to a weblog would take a little time and effort! 😉 Anyways, it’s been a busy week, and yesterday was spent doing some “team-building” type exercises in bluff country, southeast MN. I have a great picture to post from that outing later today, but for now, need a little poster to […]

Radiohead… Live

radiohead news: : North American Tickets Tickets for the first leg of the North American tour went on sale today. All shows still have tickets available, except for Red Rocks, which sold out in 9 minutes! Guess who got two tickets?

Radiohead Albums, In Order

As could be expected, I have been listening to quite a lot of Radiohead in the past few weeks. And since we were graced with a new album in the past week, I felt it was time to update the rankings of Radiohead albums. In My Opinion. OK Computer Hail to the Thief Kid A […]

A New Word: Wonderfun

Today I am coining a new word. Wonderfun. adj, extraordinarily good fun. It is not in, and I searched google for wonderfun as well. The google search returned 275 results, but I’m convinced that all those people were just misspelling wonderful. That is, in fact how I came across the word, in case the […]

Matricies Make Me Meditate

Martin Marprelate answered my questions over at his blog on saturday. Talking to some other friends over the weekend, we all agreed on this: We can’t wait for the next movie. There are so many things that will hopefully be addressed in the final installment.

Email about the Matrix

Just sent this email to Martin Marprelate. Owner of the blog with some wonderful Matrix Reloaded discussions: Thank you for your excellent analysis of Reloaded. I’ve enjoyed it and have been pointing people towards your site. One question that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere… What do you think the significance is of the multiple monitors […]

Matrix Links

I thought I would drop two more Matrix links on here… This first article is the closest to what I think is going on. I know I’ve just posted a few links here and there, and not really fleshing out some sort of theory. I don’t really have the knowledge and background to really dive […]