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Email about the Matrix

Just sent this email to Martin Marprelate. Owner of the blog with some wonderful Matrix Reloaded discussions:

Thank you for your excellent analysis of Reloaded. I’ve enjoyed it and have been pointing people towards your site.

One question that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere…

What do you think the significance is of the multiple monitors during the architect scene, and the many varying reactions by Neo to what the Architect was saying. Also, the moving between different iterations of this scene has me wondering as well. I’m speaking of when the camera flies through one of the monitors and into the “same” scene. Much like in the Matrix when Neo is first interrogated by the Agents. We see many monitors and we zoom into one of them.

Are these simulations by the Matrix of how things might pan out? Similar to how humans (I seem to do this) foresee a conversation they are about to have, and run through different iterations of how that conversation might go?

I’m interested to hear your thoughts, thanks-


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