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Matrix Links

I thought I would drop two more Matrix links on here…

This first article is the closest to what I think is going on. I know I’ve just posted a few links here and there, and not really fleshing out some sort of theory. I don’t really have the knowledge and background to really dive into it, but originally I was thinking “layers” or “The Matrix within a Matrix”. John was pretty much against this all along, but being the open-minded fellow he is, he heard me out.

I’ve pretty much dropped that theory now, and I’m running with Neo being imprinted with some computer code that helps him stop the machines in the real world. I’m not completely convinced that he is actually human, regardless of what the Architect says. Basically I don’t know.

Here’s what I’m still not understanding. What do the multiple iterations of Neo on all the computer monitors during the Architect scene mean? To me it looked like hundreds of different reactions to the Architects questions. And the way we were entering and leaving the monitors pointed to multiple, parallel Matrices.

So basically, I haven’t a clue.

Matrix Article #1, (or #3 I think, depending on how you want to count it.)

What follows is a series of explorations of the meaning of certain scenes as well as how the matrix hangs together as a whole. Donít read any further if you want to avoid spoilers!

A transcript of the Architect / Neo talk, with notes.

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