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brisk walk

It’s been a while since I posted a photo, but I was particularly happy with this one. We often take a quick walk after lunch, and the honeybees have been out in force, I can only imagine that they know winter is just around the corner and that they need to kick it into overdrive.

photo of the day (week/month)

we had a great weekend in chicago!

photo of the day

We ate dinner over at Doug and Anne’s house the other night, and Doug pointed out that I had  not been keeping up with my photo-a-day project. I tried to retreat and explain that it was really a photo OF the day, which implied that it would not necessarily be every day. I lost that […]

Emerging Fern

taken on the north side of our house.

Picture of the day

Welcome to my new feature. Picture of the Day. I will guarantee right now that I won’t update every day. But I’ll do my best. I guarantee it. Purple, yellow, green