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{ Monthly Archives } June 2005

Trying to Make Sense, Please Help

The situation of our country and the world has me feeling very uneasy. I don’t understand anymore. I never did understand. Karl Rove is an evil genius. I can’t figure out what their ends are.

Let It Be Is Closing

I’m upset that I’m just hearing this now, and unable to go check out the store one last time, but it appears that Let It Be Records has closed its doors. I used make trips down Nicollet mall weekly when I was working downtown. I’d spend my lunch hour browsing the stacks of CDs and […]

So Long, DirecTV

I cancelled our DirecTV today. At $50 a month, we decided that it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Yes, we will lose one of the sweetest inventions of all time, Tivo. Yes, I won’t be able to watch all the Twins games on FSN anymore. But $50/month? For what? For shows I end up buying […]


Democrats Block Bolton From the all indications, Bolton is not the man that I want representing our country at the UN. Well, Bush isn’t the man I want for president either, projecting our image to the world, we all know how that’s going. I wish the Democrats would offer up an alternative. They aren’t helping […]

Cafe Lurcat

I’ve never done a retaurant review here, but I thought I’d direct people in the direction of Cafe Lurcat. It’s in the D’Amico family of restaurants, so I won’t bother with dazzling you with my sweet food-related vocabulary. The food is good. We’ll leave it at that. No, what I want to talk about is […]

BioDiesel in Apple Valley

The Marathon in Apple Valley, MN is now selling B2, B20 and B100. This is the tank outside with B20. To get the B100 you go to the service area and ask them to fill up your fuel jugs. They have it in their register as “Soy Oil” so you may have to ask for […]

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign, originally uploaded by ajc3. The hollywood sign is behind me, if you can see it through the ‘june gloom’.