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{ Monthly Archives } March 2003

Good article about Al-Jazeera

Interesting story… You can’t take anything you see on TV or read in the papers at face value….

Bogey Eclipses 10,000 miles…

Time for the second oil change.. first I’ve ever done. (bought him with 6,956mi) From here on out, it’s oil changes every 10,000 miles. Pretty amazing, eh?

Staying on top of the news…

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, once again… These are some of my daily reads for keeping up on the war.. Google News Does a good job of collecting news from US and non US sources… Today’s Papers at Slate (you have to click the link cause it changes every day) A wonderful summary […]

That is cause you crazy.

As much as one guy could get into a furniture store, I’m into IKEA. Looks like they’re coming to town: The internationally known chain hopes to begin construction as early as May and open a two-floor, 330,000-square-foot store just north of the megamall in the summer of 2004. The project will cost about $60 million […]

Would you like a kick in the ass to go with those fries?

This just about makes me cry. Don’t our lawmakers have better things to do? Earth to the dumbasses in Washington: France, Germany, and Russia are not the problem. If you really have this irrefutable evidence that Saddam is doing the things you say he is. Let us have it. If not, we’ve got bigger problems […]

A Moment of Silence

The Explorer has been sold. The legacy that began in January 1997 concluded after 6 years and 3 months. Many good memories are wrapped up in the silver Explorer. Driving to the mountains, moving stuff back and forth between Colorado and Minnesota. Traveling out to California, he certainly had been places. Dexter, as we knew […]

Todd Sears

The man is absolutely crushing the ball so far this spring. I wonder if doug is hearing the footsteps behind him…