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{ Monthly Archives } May 2005

The Toll Lane on 394 is a Joke

Trolling in the toll lane, in the same old jam If 394 as a whole does not move more efficiently, then the wrong strategy has been implemented. Amen, brother. This is what drives me so insane about highway planning. What is the root problem? Too many people trying to go one direction. Solution, less cars! […]

Abuse Week – Behind Bush’s latest assault on the press. By Jacob Weisberg

Abuse Week – Behind Bush’s latest assault on the press. By Jacob Weisberg Newsweek hardly bears sole responsibility for rioting deaths in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which were fomented by anti-American agitators and reflect both a pathological religious fanaticism and anger over many other issues. What’s more, Bush’s flacks are in no position to prosecute this […]

Music I’ve Been Listening to Lately

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my musical favorites, so here’s a little update. First off, after much prodding from my sister, I’ve been listening to “Transatlanticism” from Death Cab for Cutie. It’s been sitting on my Audioscrobbler recommended list ever since I got an account over there, but for some reason I’ve […]


I’m not the only person with a weblog that geeks out about Bio-Diesel on a regular basis… case in point, Bill Maher, posting on the new blog that’s all the rage these days, The Huffington Post, says that Bush needs to stop paying lip service to alternative fuels, and start providing some leadership! Bio-Delicious With […]


How is this not littering? (All those white things are cigarettes.)

Twins reliever Juan Rincon suspended

You could say I’m extremely upset about this: Twins reliever Juan Rincon suspended For years, Twins players have chuckled at assertions that someone on their team — known for pitching, defense and lack of power hitting — could be using performance-enhancing drugs. One of them, outfielder Torii Hunter, was floored by the news. “I feel […]

Living Green Expo

From Dome houses to biodiesel, fair trade coffee to compost bins, we saw it all at the Living Green Expo today. There were quite a few people there, and less hippies than you would expect! Lots of normal looking folks just seeing what they could do in their homes and lives for the environment. Unfortunately, […]