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Living Green Expo

From Dome houses to biodiesel, fair trade coffee to compost bins, we saw it all at the Living Green Expo today.

There were quite a few people there, and less hippies than you would expect! Lots of normal looking folks just seeing what they could do in their homes and lives for the environment.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any new sources of biodiesel, and the person staffing the biodiesel desk didn’t seem to know too much about it.

But we had one major find… a compost bin. Yes! Straight from Canada no less!

We came into the exhibitor area and started around to our left. The very first booth had a compost bin, just like the one that is barely standing, broken, in our back yard! We learned from the helpful person at the desk that they could be purchased across Como Ave., just follow the signs! “Okay!”, we said, and we were off to check out the rest of the exhibits.

There were a few booths dedicated to Wind-Energy, and I was proudly telling them that I had called Xcel to purchase the wind-blocks. They were universally unimpressed. It will be a while before I am accepted by the enviro-geek community.

We also bought a few more CF lights for the house. In my forthcoming book, “Environmentalism for Everyone!”, I will extol the virtues of replacing all your household lighting with compact fluorescent lights.

Okay, so I’m not actually writing a book, but I will geek out on the lighting for a second:

Most of the lights in your house are probably 60-75 Watts. CFLs that put out the same amount of light are 15-20 Watts. So you can save a lot of energy (~75%) by switching your bulbs over. Lighting is about 20% of your total electrical bill, so if you switched all of your lights to CFLs, and your monthly electrical bill was $100, you’d save about $15/month. Not bad. Pays for itself in just a couple months!

Okay, enough of the sales pitch.

Anyway, good times. Carrot juice and all.

Oh, and the canadian compost bins. This was a funny scene. So you leave the fairgrounds, and go into the field across the street. About 600 meters (yes we use the metric system around here now) away, there was a semi-truck trailer, 4 porta-potties, and 5 canadians. One guy took the money, one guy stood around in a mustache, trench coat, suit, tie and hat. The remaining 3 guys were loading the boxes into cars.

I guess they drove all the way from ontario to sell compost bins to the environmentally conscious people of minnesota. If only i had know about this, I could’ve saved all the trauma last week with the Talking Deer!

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