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{ Monthly Archives } September 2003

The Day Eddie Nearly Gave Me a Heart Attack

Twins Win! Twins Win! Eddie nearly killed me today, but he got the job done, I’m sure he got some butterflies out, and the Twins, as far as I’m concerned, are in the drivers seat for the ALDS. Now, the series is forced play two games in Minnesota, with 55,000 screaming fans and one dirty, […]

Now It’s On

One hour and thirty minutes from now, history will be made. The first ever meeting of the Twins and Yankees in postseason play. I will be enjoying the first third of the game at our local Buffalo Wild Wings, while staving off stress induced panic and heart attack getting the baseball game delivered as a […]

Yay! Yay!

While I usually feel comfortable sharing personal details on my site, (bowel movements, flatulence) I tend to shy away from posting details about my family and friends around me…. However… The news is up over on John’s site, and I just wanted to say congratulations, and best wishes to my big little brother and his […]


I’ve always hated being sick. Little colds that make you feel so worn out. Yesterday I knew it was coming and today it hit me hard. So I’ve taken a day off work to rest. I also took the oppurtunity to phone my friend Brad who lives in Sweden now. After trying to figure out […]

New Powerbooks!

Today Apple introduced some new Powerbooks. The 15″ model now closely resembles the 17″ version, with it’s updated hinge design and aluminium packaging. They also introduced a new wireless keyboard and mouse combo. They look pretty much exactly the same as the wired versions, sans wires. The wired versions with desktop computer, in my mind, […]

Go Doug!!!!

I’m very proud, and happy to say, I just found out my friend Doug Swanson won the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40! Going into the Firetower Climb, the hardest climb on the course with ten miles to go, Swanson led by over five minutes, but he had no idea he was that far ahead. ìI didnít […]

And the mood is darkened.

Regarding my previous post, about the only thing that darkens my mood these days is Bush Jr. and his cabal of neocons that are ruining our country day by day. I point to the always spot on, America isn’t supposed to be a police state. In America there is a check and a balance […]