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I’ve always hated being sick. Little colds that make you feel so worn out. Yesterday I knew it was coming and today it hit me hard. So I’ve taken a day off work to rest.

I also took the oppurtunity to phone my friend Brad who lives in Sweden now. After trying to figure out those 10-10 numbers, I gave up, and got it set up with AT&T with my normal long distance plan. We’ll see if I have any crazy charges on my next phone bill!

Anyways, getting to chat with Brad and Johanna really made my day. It’s been a long time since I had talked with them, and I’m realizing it should not have been so long. I have to keep in touch better.

No real news to post today, Bush is at the UN, being himself. (Not rounding up any support, from what I’ve read) And I’m at home chilling with the dog. Hoping I’m all better tomorrow.

As a side note, my “High Ankle Sprain” is getting much better. And if you had seen me chasing the dog, darting around the backyard in my underwear this morning @4:30am, you’d probably say I was close to 100%. I’d say things are looking up for soccer this weekend.

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