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battlestar galactica

if you haven’t been watching battlestar galactica, you have exactly 11 days to get caught up before the final episodes air on the SciFi Channel. that’s right. I’m a nerd.

Still waiting

I’m getting closer to canceling the cable and just pulling in my TV over-the-air. We’d also start relying on download services and netflix for our entertainment needs. The download services are a particular pet-peeve of mine. This post over at wired explains the chaos that is NBC’s “strategy” for digital downloads. NBC Provides Downloads, Sheer […]

So Long, DirecTV

I cancelled our DirecTV today. At $50 a month, we decided that it just wasn’t worth it anymore. Yes, we will lose one of the sweetest inventions of all time, Tivo. Yes, I won’t be able to watch all the Twins games on FSN anymore. But $50/month? For what? For shows I end up buying […]

Media Self-Censorship

You may have heard that a number of ABC stations decided not to show ‘Saving Private Ryan’ on Veterans’ Day this year. Frank Rich of the NYT has written an excellent article dealing with these issues of censorship, the Iraq war, sanitizing the world for the Americans who can’t handle the truth. (You can’t handle […]

John Kerry on The Daily Show

John Kerry on The Daily Show was not bad like they made it out in Slate. For a much more even-handed review, see this article in the Washington Post.