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{ Monthly Archives } December 2002

Man Jailed for Smuggling Monkeys in Pants

Ahhh… Friday.

Yay Snow!

The tagline for the past week or so has been “i’m dreaming of a white christmas”, and hopefully we’ll have that. We received about .5 cm* of snow this morning, and although it’s mostly melted off the roads now, it’s nice to look out and see some fresh white stuff. *After discussing with a co-worker […]

Trent Lott to resign as Senate Majority Leader

What is sad (/amazing/scary) is how close our country is to such a shameful part of our past. Since the comments were made at the birthday party, many little tidbits have been dredged up about Mr. Lott. Prior comments along the same lines, his voting record. (He didn’t vote in favor of creating Martin Luther […]

The Two Towers

Wow. It’s hard not to repeat what has been said elsewhere about this movie, but I’m here to say that it delivered. There was no feeling of expectations not met (Star Wars), no feeling that I was cheated out of my seven dollars (Star Wars). The Two Towers is a masterpiece. To give you an […]

My Precioussssss

Going to see The Two Towers tonight. I can barely contain my excitement. So far at Metacritic it’s garnered a 92, pretty dang good. At work we’re doing a demo for most of the afternoon, so I won’t have too much time to think about it… but the countdown has begun… 10h 17m Whoops, 10h […]

Top Ten 2002

Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (album of the year) Beck – Sea Change Spoon – Kill the Moonlight Coldplay – A Rush of Blood to the Head Mr. Lif – I Phantom Jurassic 5 – Power In Numbers Blackalicious – Blazing Arrow Sleater-Kinney – One Beat Norah Jones – Come Away With Me Sigur RÛs […]

David Ortiz, we hardly knew ye!

Well, the great promise of a power hitter that was David Ortiz set sail for better seas today as the Twins released him to make room for some Class A SS that no one has heard of (that’s another story). Anyone who saw David Ortiz uncork a shot to the upper deck knew that the […]