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David Ortiz, we hardly knew ye!

Well, the great promise of a power hitter that was David Ortiz set sail for better seas today as the Twins released him to make room for some Class A SS that no one has heard of (that’s another story).

Anyone who saw David Ortiz uncork a shot to the upper deck knew that the man could hit, but they also knew he had an ugly swing, was not-so-good in the field, was hurt half the time (or more) that he was with the twins, struggled against lefties, and with runners in scoring position.

So although I think the man could hit 35 home runs in a season, maybe more, we’ll just have to watch from afar. As was written on TwinsGeek today, Want to hear something that surprised me? Ortiz’s career totals with the Twins include just 58 home runs over the last five years. Could anything make it clearer that it’s time for everyone to just move on?

My sentiments exactly.

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