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A Modest Proposal – Bikers, Take the High Road –

The Brooklyn Bridge is an important front in the bike publicity war; it is a place where bikes are losing. via A Modest Proposal – Bikers, Take the High Road – Great article about biking in the city. And regarding the brooklyn bridge, I witnessed a number of near misses and one intentional shoulder-check […]

random thoughts of the day

i think facial hair is coming back. 90% of the men in the meeting this morning had some sort of beard/mustache/etc thing going. i found the tape adapter for my car. hello iPod. mpr, I love you, but you’re bringing me down. with the iPod re-hooked up, i heard aimee mann, gnarls barkley, aphex twin, […]

Back In The Saddle Again

I took my first bike ride of any significant length this evening after an eight week absence for the collarbone breakage. A nice little cruise with my best lady around lake harriet. It’s amazing how weak your body can feel after not using it for a while. My shoulder was saying to me, “What’s with […]