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{ Monthly Archives } December 2010

And more…

The corporations are winning… Steve Wozniak to the FCC: Keep the Internet Free: “We have very few government agencies that the populace views as looking out for them, the people. The FCC is one of these agencies that is still wearing a white hat. Not only is current action on Net Neutrality one of the […]

More Net Neutrality Fail

FCC: We Didn’t Impose Stricter Net Neutrality Regulations on Wireless Because Android Is Open: “ FCC statement: Further, we recognize that there have been meaningful recent moves toward openness, including the introduction of open operating systems like Android. In addition, we anticipate soon seeing the effects on the market of the openness conditions we imposed […]

Mark this day

Mark it down as the day the internet (as we know it) died. Obama FCC Caves On Net Neutrality: “An anonymous reader writes ‘…the rule, which will be voted on during tomorrows FCC meeting, falls drastically short of earlier pledges by President Obama and the FCC Chairman to protect the free and open Internet. The […]

That’s My Senator

Al Franken: The Most Important Free Speech Issue of Our Time: “Imagine if Comcast customers couldn’t watch Netflix, but were limited only to Comcast’s Video On Demand service. Imagine if a cable news network could get its website to load faster on your computer than your favorite local political blog. Imagine if big corporations with […]

Do you think?

A Bayesian Take on Julian Assange – “The handling of the case has been highly irregular from the start, in ways that would seem to make clear that the motivation for bringing the charges is political.”  

Good news…

Breaking News on EFF Victory: Appeals Court Holds that Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment | Electronic Frontier Foundation: “Given the fundamental similarities between email and traditional forms of communication [like postal mail and telephone calls], it would defy common sense to afford emails lesser Fourth Amendment protection…. It follows that email requires strong protection […]

Questions to Consider, with Ron Paul

“Questions to consider: Number 1: Do the America People deserve know the truth regarding the ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen? Number 2: Could a larger question be how can an army private access so much secret information? Number 3: Why is the hostility mostly directed at Assange, the publisher, and not at […]