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{ Monthly Archives } November 2002

Day before Thanksgiving

And I’m working. Can I really complain about this? I have a decent job, I only work 40 hours per week, (unlike these poor saps) and I have a decent feeling of job security.

Twins Fans?

Hey Twins fans, During the offseason, it sure can get boring and cold in Minnesota. Luckily, there are many things going on in the baseball world worth thinking about. 40 man roster, Rule V drafts, winter meetings, and then we’re almost there! One site I’ve been reading fairly regularily since finding it is Twins Geek. […]

Puppy Class

Yeti had her first puppy class last night. Here’s the scene. 30 puppies of varying sizes and breeds. Harried owners trying to keep the leashes untangled. Mass chaos. One vet trying to to talk over the yelps and barks, letting us know if it’s okay if the puppy eats their poo. (Yeti doesn’t by the […]

Santa Claus

I’ve been a big fan of the ‘Switch’ ads ever since they came out, but these two are just hilarious.

Getting Attention

Well, well well, what’s this? A puddle? Yeti has figured out one sure way to get our attention. Pee on the floor! We’ve kinda decided that she is to stay in the kitchen unless we are explicitly watching her. This works great, however, there is about a 15 minute span in the morning (about 7:20 […]

Vikings Lose

The Vikings lost again after playing their best game last week. To tell you the truth, I didn’t see much of the game, having left after it was 21-0 to play football with friends. Upon returning I was pleasantly surprised to find the score 24-17, and we had the ball! But, as things go when […]

Yeti Picture of the Day

We put this little board up instead of the baby gate so we could get in and out of the kitchen easier. (After my late night accident involving my face and the floor.) However she quickly figured out how to push the board over, and we’re back to the baby gate. This was right before […]