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Day before Thanksgiving

And I’m working. Can I really complain about this? I have a decent job, I only work 40 hours per week, (unlike these poor saps) and I have a decent feeling of job security.

But why do we work so much? What’s driving my peers to work 80 hours a week at these places? Are they just really motivated by money, power etc.? Am I not? I wish I had more money, but it’s obviously not driving me to work 80 hours a week.

Well regardless, I wish I had about four weeks of vacation a year, instead of two. (And if we’re going to go to four, we might as well go straight to six) And you still get the majors (New Years, 4th, Labor, Thankgiving, Christmas) off (I thought there were six major holidays, anyways)

So with six weeks (30 Days) of vacation a year, here’s how I’d use it: (preliminary)

10 Days over Christmas and New Years.
1 Day for my birthday, 2 for Presidents Day (skiing)
3 Days for 4th of July (spread onto a weekend for a 5 day break),
4 Days for Thanksgiving (the remaining days of this week besides the actual)

10 days for random traveling. A week in Mexico? Two weeks in Europe? Who knows. But we’d get there.

The point is… I like working, I like exercising my noodle. I like working on the computer. But it’s cramping my style. I value time with my family and friends.

Is anyone with me on this, or is this just a Gen X euro-hippy slacker’s dream?

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