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{ Monthly Archives } November 2004

Thanksgiving Column

I forgot to post this editorial up on Thanksgiving, but as usual Thomas Friedman wrote an excellent opinion piece for the NYTimes: Yes, I want to get almost the entire Republican side of the House of Representatives to bend its ethics rules just for me. I want to be able to twist the arms of […]

The Arcade Fire Live

(I‚Äôm no good at writing these reviews, but here goes‚Ķ) I just got back from The Arcade Fire, live at the 400 Bar in Minneapolis, and I thought I would share a few thoughts. It was an awesome show, living up to the hype that I had heard: The live show was even better than […]

Are the Democrats the Past or the Future?

Very interesting article in the Economist that I found today, entitled The Fear Myth The author’s premise is that the Republicans didn’t beat the Democrats because of fear, but because they sold hope better. But if they are going to extract any useful lessons from their humiliation, the Democrats need to realise that the Republicans […]

Dean and the Media

Howard Dean spoke tuesday about the role of the media and politics in this country (Yale Daily News). As he is for so many different issues, I think he is absolutely right on with his comments. The television networks, especially Fox News, are most to blame for the increased focus in journalism on flash and […]

Media Self-Censorship

You may have heard that a number of ABC stations decided not to show ‘Saving Private Ryan’ on Veterans’ Day this year. Frank Rich of the NYT has written an excellent article dealing with these issues of censorship, the Iraq war, sanitizing the world for the Americans who can’t handle the truth. (You can’t handle […]

Mandate? Pffft!

Okay, Something we’ve all been hearing about is the broad victory by president bush! A clear mandate! Most votes ever! Hogwash! I say. Okay, the last one is true, he did get the most votes ever in a presidential election. Do you know who got the second most votes in american history? John Kerry. It […]

Youth Turnout

Conventional Wisdom immediately following the election was that the youth turnout this year ws nothing to write home about. It was expected that there would be an extremely large youth turnout, but initially, the media was finding no evidence of it. Luckily, some actual data has come out and it appears that the youth did […]