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the sopa / pipa battle rages on…

This analysis of an op-ed from the RIAA chief is worth a read: RIAA Still Raging against Google, Wikipedia

sites dedicated to infringement

This article on TechDirt gives the best overview I’ve found yet about the problems with the language in SOPA and PIPA. Advertising giant GroupM recently asked its entertainment industry customers to compile a list of “sites dedicated to infringement,” not unlike what’s found under PROTECT IP. Universal Music, Warner Bros. and Paramount were three key […]

lessig on laws that choke creativity

larry lessig was being introduced by jon stewart on the daily show a few nights ago, and I declared out of nowhere to my wife that he’s one of my heroes. I don’t think I’ve ever declared that I had a hero, but here we go, mr. lessig, you’re my first! his 2007 ted talk […]

don’t break the internet

The Internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) is a foundational block upon which the Internet has been built and upon which its continued functioning critically depends; it is among a handful of protocols upon which almost every other protocol, and countless Internet applications, rely to operate smoothly. Read more here: don’t break the internet – stanford […]


This is a must read if you are concerned about free speech and the internet. Dear Congress, It’s No Longer OK To Not Know How the Internet Works So it was as proponents of the Hollywood-funded bill curmudgeonly shot down all but two amendments proposed by its opponents, who fought to dramatically alter the document […]