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must read: NSA feature by The Guardian

Besides the fact that the presentation of this page is awesome, this article is an excellent overview of where we are with the NSA. NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations explained

10 Steps to Not Getting Hacked

This is a great list of things, pretty similar to what I wrote about (and better written, as well) The complete guide to not being that idiot who got the company hacked – Quartz “Every week there are headlines about a company getting its email, website, Twitter accounts or something else hacked. The reason? In […]

Why Privacy Matters

this was posted recently at

Adding a Little Bit of Security to your Computing Environment

Revelations about the NSA’s practices continue to be released, and each additional leak is more and more disturbing to me. It’s not disturbing to me in the sense that I have secrets that I need to hide from the government. Rather, I think it serves as a big wake up call about how a democracy […]


This blows my mind… 3D PRINTED RECORD “I’ve created a technique for converting digital audio files into 3D-printable, 33rpm records and printed a few prototypes that play on ordinary turntables. Though the audio quality is low -the records have a sampling rate of 11kHz (a quarter of typical mp3 audio) and 5-6 bit resolution (less […]

The Web We Lost – Anil Dash

The Web We Lost – Anil Dash: “This isn’t some standard polemic about ‘those stupid walled-garden networks are bad!’ I know that Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and LinkedIn and the rest are great sites, and they give their users a lot of value. They’re amazing achievements, from a pure software perspective. But they’re based […]

iTunes 11

iTunes 11 is out! Not following my own advice against waiting a day to install new software, I went right ahead and installed it. I like it. The interface is intuitive. There are a few places where I was expecting something to happen as I hovered my mouse over an object, and I realized it’s […]