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{ Monthly Archives } February 2006

peter hutchinson for governor

The last time I picked my horse early in the game, it didn’t work out so well, (I still believe he has the right answers though!) This time around, I’m hoping for a change of fortune. This will probably be the first of many links you will have to endure on the subject… Peter Hutchinson: […]

Struggling with Myspace

I’ve been working a lot lately on trying to articulate my message about what myspace is all about and what my response is when asked about it (or asked about filtering it). Then, I came across this post at Ed-Tech Insider in my newsreader that sums it up nicely: It isn’t just that we […]

Total Hard Drive Space On My Desk

This is not to brag or anything, but I just noticed that the amount of hard drive space, that I have currently have sitting on my desk, is absolutely staggering. First, a little history: My family’s first computer, a 386sx/16, had a 40MB hard drive in it. This was about 1991. Then we got a […]