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Struggling with Myspace

I’ve been working a lot lately on trying to articulate my message about what myspace is all about and what my response is when asked about it (or asked about filtering it).

Then, I came across this post at Ed-Tech Insider in my newsreader that sums it up nicely:

It isn’t just that we need to be concerned about, it is any web site that students tend to use. The predators, scam artists, etc. will follow. We need to teach students safe, appropriate use of the Internet rather than just block them from these sites.

We block and to keep kids from reading and posting during the school day, but you can’t stop them from posting when they are at home, and you can’t enforce school discipline on them for what they post at home.

I’m against the filtering and blocking of websites in general, for this reason. If we can’t educate kids about these sites, what’s going to happen when they leave school?

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