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raking, painting, cleaning gutters

my deep thought for the day: how many hours of beautiful fall saturdays have I spent doing house chores instead of enjoying the days? i should have a calculation for you later today. i want to move to a condo/townhouse/loft.

urban life

I sometimes joke that we live in the urban suburb. i love our neighborhood. we can walk to groceries, the bus, restaurants, our local bookstore, coffee shop and movie theatre. However, it is not dense. Not dense in a chicago or new york way. but it’s city living as far as I’m concerned. I’ve also […]

Mixed Use

First off, if you haven’t been reading MinnPost, you’re missing a lot of great stories. But, I do have one problem with this (otherwise excellent) story about the troubles facing condo owners and potential owners. There is a lot of discussion given to mixed-use developments, pointing out that lenders are growing wary of these types […]