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Mixed Use

First off, if you haven’t been reading MinnPost, you’re missing a lot of great stories.

But, I do have one problem with this (otherwise excellent) story about the troubles facing condo owners and potential owners.

There is a lot of discussion given to mixed-use developments, pointing out that lenders are growing wary of these types of developments. Mixed-use developments are those that include a mix of commercial, retail, rental and residential space (think first-floor coffee shop, condos upstairs). However, there is little discussion about the fact that mixed-use developments are desirable for healthy and vital neighborhoods. They almost got there with this quote:

“Our policies encouraging mixed-use development along transit corridors are still standing and still strong.” — Barbara Sporlein, director of planning for Minneapolis.

Ok, good, but why are we encouraging this?

I think support for mixed-use developments would grow when there is greater coverage given to why it is important for an urban area. (See also “I live downtown; where is the closest grocery store?” and “Places you can stand in Chicago and see two Starbucks stores with lines out the door”)

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