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{ Monthly Archives } November 2020

Apple Music, Spotify, Algorithms

Followup to my previous lament. This is a really interesting and nerdy post: I Decoded the Spotify Recommendation Algorithm. Here’s What I Found

The iPod

I’ve been spending some time cleaning up all my old junk in the house. Old papers, boxes. Shoes that are worn out, clothes I no longer wear, etc. As you might imagine, I have a lot of old technology lying around as well. Old computers, chargers, cables. (Just in case I need them!) The pack-rat […]

Make Blue America Great Again

Matthew Yglesias has a new blog, Slow Boring, and the first posts I’ve read have been great. I love a hefty dose of commuter rail discussions any day of the week. Check it out! Progressive politics needs ambition Now I hear you saying, “wait wait this started with talking about how we should build social […]

What a well-funded passenger rail system could look like in the Midwest under “Amtrak Joe”

What a well-funded passenger rail system could look like in the Midwest under “Amtrak Joe”: There’s little doubt that one of President-elect Biden’s favorite federal programs is Amtrak, America’s 50-year-old, subpar rail system. While I am very excited that Joe Biden is not Donald Trump – his overall platform is pretty moderate. However, he is […]

Rock the Garden 2021, we hardly knew ye

Well, that’s a bummer… Rock the Garden 2021 won’t happen; SPCO cancels the rest of its 2020-21 season: COVID has taken its first punch at summer in the Cities 2021, knocking Rock the Garden into summer 2022. The Walker Art Center, co-sponsor with The Current, issued a statement this morning saying, in part: “Due to uncertainties […]

The PolyMet Mine is a disaster waiting to happen

Well, it’s the eve of the election. The PolyMet mine is a good example of what is at stake. Strong environmental regulations, or whatever you would call what this administration has done. This opinion article in MinnPost today – Two years after the much-litigated PolyMet permits were issued, some facts aren’t in dispute – is […]