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Puppy Class

Yeti had her first puppy class last night. Here’s the scene. 30 puppies of varying sizes and breeds. Harried owners trying to keep the leashes untangled. Mass chaos. One vet trying to to talk over the yelps and barks, letting us know if it’s okay if the puppy eats their poo. (Yeti doesn’t by the way, someone else asked the question)

So what did we learn? Not a ton that we didn’t know already, but we did get to see Yeti in action with some other dogs. She mostly hid under the bench we were sitting on, until the dogs around her stopped paying attention. Then she would slowly venture out and try to sniff some butts.

I think we picked the right dog though. At one point, there was about 4 or 5 dogs in a tangled mess, running in circles, barking, and Yeti decided it might be a nice time for a little nap in the middle of all this. However, it didn’t last long. A big Golden Retriever sat on her head, but anyways, it’s nice to know she’s pretty laid back.

We’ll try again next week, maybe it’ll be a little less nuts. I think there were extra people trying to get some extra tips on good puppy behavior before the Thanksgiving holiday.

One thing I can be thankful for is not getting a Pug. At one point we were supposed to pass the puppies around so they would get used to different people. Well, of course, about the third dog to come around was a Pug. About two seconds after it sat down on my lap, it either snorted extremely loud, or farted, and not wanting to get a second opinion, I passed it right along.

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