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Twins reliever Juan Rincon suspended

You could say I’m extremely upset about this:
Twins reliever Juan Rincon suspended

For years, Twins players have chuckled at assertions that someone on their team — known for pitching, defense and lack of power hitting — could be using performance-enhancing drugs. One of them, outfielder Torii Hunter, was floored by the news.

“I feel bad because I know [Rincon],” Hunter said, “but I don’t know what is going on and I have to get the details. … We have to get steroids out of the game. I can’t believe that it may be one of my teammates, but we’ll see.”

Twins closer Joe Nathan, who has become good friends with Rincon, said the news was hard to believe. “I know what kind of guy he is,” he said.

It’s unclear when the appeal process will take place, or what the chances are that Rincon’s name will be cleared. But, as of now, Rincon has become a focal point in the league’s efforts to rid the game of steroids.

“He’s crushed because baseball is his entire life,” Setlik said. “He loves the Twins, and he loves his teammates and he’s worked nine years to build his reputation.”

I’m willing to wait until this is fleshed out to pass judgement, because obivously I want to believe that the Twins were somehow special. But man, doesn’t this just destroy our image? I’m probably in denial and being naive. I think if it’s true, and Rincon took steriods, I hope he will come out today during his press conference and just straight admit it. I can hope, right? I wish the whole team would say, look, test us all. But that’s not going to happen.


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