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Because the apple juice news team is fair and balancedâ„¢, we are updating an earlier story, Starting My Car in the Winter

After a week of subzero temperatures, culminating in Thursday night’s -25 degree reading, my car failed to start without a jump. The battery simply couldn’t turn the engine fast enough.

Now, since it did in fact start, after the laborous process of pushing it out into the alley so I could hook jumper cables to a neighbors car, I do not count this as “not starting”.

But since boasting of my record of starting the car in the winter, I thought it would be fair to share that I needed the jump-start.

regular news updates to resume shortly…

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  1. Hi AJ & Sonja!
    Congratulations to both of you on the birth of your daughter!

    Thanks for sharing your photos and videos of her!

    Rich & Penny

  2. “Fair and Balanced” like FOX News?


    It was darned cold though… Hopefully that’s all behind us. Power to the diesels.

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