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10 Years

Wow! I started this blog 10 years ago.

Looks like I missed the anniversary date by just a few days. The blog has taken a back seat to some of the more immediate concerns of life, and yet, I’d like to get back here more to reflect on things. I enjoy writing, and still believe in the “blog” as the democratizing force for publishing. You can keep twitter, Facebook and the rest. Owning your work, in a way that you simply can’t with the other sites is important.

I wanted to reflect for a moment on the changes and the sames from my life a bit. A Top 5. This is harder than I thought, actually. There are plenty of material things that are different in my life… plenty of world changes in the past 10 years. But day-to-day life changes are actually relatively small in number. I’m thankful that this list is small, and that the changes are all positive and stable. It could so easily be different from positive and stable changes.

1. Married to my wonderful and beautiful wife, and our eleven year anniversary is coming up very soon.
2. Yeti our dog. Still the same old Yeti. She was actually the original inspiration for this blog.
3. Same general geographical location.
4. Same favorite band (Radiohead).
5. Same political leanings. My two most important issues: environment, wars.

1. and 2. Kids! Two of them. Total chaos.
3. New job.
4. New house.
5. New city.

I wonder what the next ten years will hold? Go back to school? (I am actually the only one of my siblings and their spouses without a Masters’ degree or higher) New job? Car-free lifestyle?

A technical note, I’ve managed to keep this blog running for 10 years without any major hiccups. It started out with MovableType and moved to WordPress in 2004.

Thanks to everyone who continues to check in on my little slice of the internet…

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