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Arcade Fire Concert

Just got back from the Arcade Fire concert at First Avenue tonight. It was an amazing concert. They have 8-12 people up on stage for every song, and they don’t hold back. The crowd was dancing and grooving, singing along to every song.
Arcade Fire Ticket, Front

Arcade Fire Ticket, Back

After the show, I played frogger with the moving mass of people and made my way over to the table selling t-shirts. At the table was none other than the violinist for the band, whose name is Sarah. She signed my ticket for me.

First of all, what band that plays before packed audiences and on national television has their band members come over and sell t-shirts after the show?

Secondly, I was trying to coach myself to say something all cool and poetic or something, but what came out was: “That was an awesome performance, I can’t wait to hear your new CD.”

Fine, I guess, but I should’ve said, “It’s awesome that you sing without a microphone up there.”

Oh well, members of the Arcade Fire, if you read random websites, I enjoyed your show, and I hope you always play as hard as you did tonight.

Here’s a review at the startribune

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