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everyday is earth day (what was i thinking?)

today is april 24th. on april 23rd, i was upset that i didn’t ride to work. i still hadn’t ridden to work. so on april 24th, i woke up a bit earlier, found my gear, packed my bag, and headed off.

five minutes in to the ride, i felt something.


ten minutes into the ride, it was misting. fifteen minutes, somewhere between rain and downpour. the ride takes about 40 minutes.

but, all of this rain and exercise made me feel pretty good. i don’t think i could claim a good heart rate for nearly a month. i don’t even want to think about the last time i actually, officially, exercised.

my brain was fired up and ready to go when i arrived. that felt good too. i shared a few ideas.

it was a pretty good day. and then it was time to ride home. i stepped outside for a second. one or two drops. i thanked those who had offered me a carpool, i was going to brave it. i changed back into my bike clothes. walked back to my office. packed up. rolled out the back door.

it’s pouring.

i waved at the kids firing their ceramics. jake hollered at me – “change your mind about the ride?”

“nope! I’m going for it!”

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  1. as someone who is constantly trying to figure out how to get to work without using my car, i applaud you. it is that dedication that people need to see that makes them think about doing it too (however, sometimes they also say “i don’t want to be that guy”). either way, it was a personal victory for you.

  2. a.j. — good to see you over the weekend, despite the circumstances. as a fellow rider, it’s been tough leaving the car at home this spring. i too braved it, not on april 24th, but as soon as the snow melted in early april i was on my trek, covered with every piece of lightweight, warm clothing i could find. i felt your pain, and satisfaction on some of those barely-above-freezing mornings. hope to see you again soon. — j

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