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Safari – Apple’s new Web Browser

“Fastest browser on the Mac”

iBench stats, 5 seconds faster than Chimera, 3 times faster than IE

Javascript test, Safari is twice as fast as IE

Launches 40% faster.

“We wanted to innovate”
Google is integrated Sweet! I love google, (and who doesn’t?)

Snapback takes you to the top of the page?

New bookmarks system

“We wanted to make it extremely easy to use”

Uses the metal interface ( Interface is very bare-bones looking)

Demoing…. Wow, it looks really fast…

Plugging Finding Nemo…

Quicktime, Flash, Java, all works… what’s that music making site he went to?

Bookmark adding looks nice, uses a sheet, lets you rename the bookmark right away…

Bookmarks library looks exactly like iTunes and iPhoto

Any website listed in your Address Book is in Safari

Are there tabs? I love tabs when I’m using Chimera

Ahhh snapback takes you back your google search…. Or back to the top level of any website you’ve typed in?

Bug button right in the window, so you can send website errors right back to them…

Obviously Apple wants to address the web browsing deficiency that has existed on the Mac (until now apparently)

Based on Open Source rendering engine… (Gecko?)

“Open Source, We think it’s great!” Posting all their improvments to the web.

Nope, using KHTML, from Konqueror?

Beta, for free, Today…. (presumably here, but not yet…

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