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Happy Belly Part 3

Okay, so for the third time in two days I went to Chipotle for a free burrito, or as it would turn out, three free burritos.

You see, by now I had chatted with just about everyone of Chipotle’s employees. When you’ve spent 2 of the past 48 hours simply waiting for a free burrito, you have some time to chat with people. So by this evening, I was instantly recognized by a few employees. One of them made an announcement to the entire store, (“This man is dedicated!”) and handed me a free burrito coupon. I arrived at the order counter, and another employee says, “Ever been to Chipotle?” I say, “Oh buddy, you have no idea!” Chit chat, etc. he gives me another free burrito coupon.

So it’s been a pretty good day for the eatin’

But I’m sure glad they’re closed tomorrow to prepare for their grand opening on friday…

I need a day off.

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