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Get On To The Bus

I have been severly slacking on my posting as of late…

I rode the bus this morning to work. Inspired by the movie that Sonja and I saw over the weekend, Super Size Me.

Super Size Me was an excellent movie. I’ve heard more than once that, “Well, duh! Of course if you eat McDonalds all the time, it will be unhealthy.” He addresses that in the movie. It may seem like common sense, but there is a significant number of people that eat McDonalds (or “fast food”) everyday. I can think of three people off hand that eat it everyday. Ironically enough, those three aren’t overweight. (Don’t know about their general health).

Anyways, about the bus ride. I was inspired, because, although I’ve been running fairly regularily, I could throw in some extra walking and it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So out to the bus this morning. Lesson 1: I need to learn to read a bus schedule. I missed this first bus by about 2 minutes, and then had to wait 25 minutes for the next one. Luckily, I started off way early this morning so I would be sure to get to work on time, and I got there at 7:50, not too bad.

The bus drops me off on the far side of Southdale from where I work, so it’s about a 6 block walk to work, and it’s 3 blocks from home to the bus stop. So that adds about 2 miles of walking into my day.

In the movie, he quotes a statistic that says the average New Yorker walks 5 miles a day. I thought I could have a bit of the NY lifestyle without all the people and crazyness. So far so good…

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