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Letter to my representative and senators

I sent this today. I urge you to do the same. It is in regards to this story from Reuters.

Dear Sir,

I am seriously concerned, and frankly, appalled with Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfield’s push for research into low-yield nuclear weapons. As the lone superpower on the planet, we should be helping the world into directions of peace and civility. We should not be throwing away what we have worked towards for so long with regards to non-proliferation.

Please consider carefully the ramifications of pursuing a course of action that would lead to more weapons, more suspicion and more hate of the United States.

A low-yield nuclear weapon is still a nuclear weapon. Please do not turn your backs on treaties designed to bring peace to the world. Please stand up and work to stop the cycle of ever-escalating violence.

Thank you for your time,


A.J. Colianni

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