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Paul Krugman on “Flags vs. Dollars”

Paul Krugman writes about Howard Dean’s confederate flag “quote” from last week…

Flags Versus Dollars

Howard Dean’s remarks about the need to appeal to white Southerners could certainly have been better phrased. But his rivals for the Democratic nomination should be ashamed of their reaction. They know what he was trying to say ó and it wasn’t that his party should go soft on racism.

Mr. Krugman is easily my favorite columnist at the NYTimes, and this is another fine column.

I’ve been back and forth on Dean in the past couple weeks, because although I think Dean would make an excellent President, more than anything we need to stop the slow motion train wreck in progress that is our current administration. So whoever that is, I’m happy. But I still think Dean can do it. There is something special about the whole campaign. We’ll see how it goes.

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