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Macintosh on Intel

Apple announced today what once seemed impossible. They are transitioning the Macintosh to Intel processors.

For all the news and hype this will generate, for the people who matter, the users, it is basically a non-issue. Apple has the engineering prowess to pull this off, as they have in the past with similar changes. The users will never notice. Well, they will notice in the sense that their laptop batteries will last much longer, and we should see much more regular processor updates. But comparing mhz with Dells is no longer the issue.

It all comes down to interface, user experience, and Apps. iMovie, iPhoto, Final Cut Pro, all of Apple’s pro apps. OS X is already regarded as the best system on the planet. The situation will only improve.

The obvious downside is that the developers have work to do, more work in compiling on two processors. In the end of it all, they need to sell new versions, and targeting two platforms will, in theory, create better, more stable apps. (Having to debug on multiple processor types, while a major pain, tends to bring out problems in your code.)

I’m excited for this change, I think it will allow some great new products. I didn’t think it was going to happen, but here we are! One thing though, no G5 laptops, sorry Joey.

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