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Cancer Research

It’s jeans day at work today.

We don’t have jeans day just for nothing, though, we have it for cancer research. You pay five dollars, wear a sticker, and you get to wear jeans today and feel oh so casual. Its funny to see a bunch of people who you associate with nice clothing wearing jeans on a casual day. Everyone looks so uncomfortable.

But of course, I forgot my jeans! I paid five dollars, and I forgot to wear the jeans. Ah well, I’m still young enough that I wear jeans regularily outside of work. 🙂

In a working environment, people get accustomed to things. The way you dress, the way you talk. People expect things to be a certain way. It’s just part of the culture. Maybe not every company. But a company such as this one.

So when its jeans day… by golly, you’d better wear jeans! Everyone is wearing jeans, why aren’t you wearing jeans? Jeans, jeans everywhere jeans, where are your jeans?

Knowing what I know about the culture around here, I knew I would be asked this question early and often. “Why aren’t you wearing jeans?”

“Well, that’s because I don’t support cancer research.”

(blink , blink) “You what?”

I revel in the stunned look on their faces.

Unfortunately, I’m not much of a con artist, so I can’t hold a straight face for too long… but oh man, those few moments are priceless.

Of course I “support” cancer research. Who doesn’t support cancer reserach? It’s like those damn yellow Lance Armstrong bracelets. Or the Support Your Troops ribbons… Who doesn’t “Support the Troops”? Clearly you support them more than I do though, because you have a Ribbon Magnet!

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