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Nu clear

Sorry, I know I’m on a bit of a tangent with the administration right now. But if I could provide one little example of how warped the people leading our country are:

Perhaps you heard that the Prime Minister of India was in town to discuss freedom and democracy? It says right here at the White House website: President, Prime Minister of India Discuss Freedom and Democracy

When I sit around and discuss Freedom and Democracy, I usually talk about why it’s nice to live in a country where I can speak my mind freely. I talk about the right to vote. I talk about our system of government.

One thing that doesn’t enter the conversation, when speaking of Freedom and Democracy, is Nuclear Weapons.

Call me old fashioned if you like, (really, there is a comments section) but I just don’t believe that more nuclear weapons are what we need in the world. In fact, I think we need far far less of them. We should work every diplomatic angle to prevent other countries from getting them. We should then be working to reduce the numbers that we and other countries possess.

So back to our little Freedom and Democracy chat with the Prime Minister of India. Apparently in the bizzaro White House world, Freedom and Democracy is code for “sell them Nuclear technology”.

Quoting Slate‘s 19th of July Today’s Papers here:

The Journal says the Indian nukes deal “rocks the decades-old” non-proliferation system in which countries were allowed to buy nuclear technology only if they forswore trying to develop nukes. “If you open the door for India, a lot of other countries are likely to step through it,” said one non-proliferation expert, in what seems be a widely held opinion.

Now I realize that this agreement is for civilian nuclear energy technology, but as noted in many articles today, the key is that there is no agreement not to use the technology we sell them to develop nuclear weapons.

I’m all for Nuclear energy. Seriously. I think it could safely supply us with a huge portion of our energy needs, but if we’re selling this to other countries, we’d better be sure they aren’t turning around and making weapons. That should be in the contract: No nuclear weapons. Apparently they left that line out this time.

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