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Thoughts while riding

I finally had a chance to ride my bike into work today. Luckily it was a late start today at work, so the fact that I was totally unprepared for riding was fine. When you haven’t ridden your bike to work, there are a lot of little things to worry about. I have a small wardrobe in my office to store some essentials, but from time to time I forget things. For example:

  • Do I have socks, underwear and an undershirt to change into? Yes.
  • Do I have deodorant? No.
  • Do I have a belt? No. (Borrowed one)
  • Do I have shoes? Yes.
  • Did I remember my keys? Yes.
  • Did I remember my bike lock? No.
  • Do I have a towel? No. (Borrowed a clean one from the trainer’s room)
  • Do I have a dress shirt and tie? Yes. Pants? Yes.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful time to ride your bike to work. Cool and crisp in the morning. The sweat factor is basically zero. Just give yourself a little extra time those first couple days to make sure you have everything in order!

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