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monopoly, anyone?

I just heard on the radio (KTLK, 100.3) that Dish network customers were about to lose access to FX, Fox Sports North, Local Fox affiliates, Fox News and Fox Business. The “advertisement” encouraged Dish Network customers to switch to DirecTV so that they could get all of what they “deserve” as satellite dish customers. The advertisement ended with a website: Get what I paid for

Did I mention that the radio station and DirecTV are also both owned by Rupert Murdoch? (As are all the rest of those channels)

This is why things like net neutrality should matter to average consumers like you and me. When one dish provider (who happens to also own a bunch of the content) tells another dish provider they can’t have the channels anymore (unless agree to the new, probably unfavorable terms), it’s not the free market at work! More like monopolistic business practices.

Now, I’m not saying the situation in American media is like that of say, China, where BBC news reports suddenly go black when reporting on Chinese dissidents, but on the other hand, it’s not far from it when a few large companies (Fox, Comcast, Disney) own both the content and the distribution channels.

Go back to the “Get what I paid for” website, and read the comments. For example:

One of my favorite channels is FX. I’ve watched The Shield, Rescue Me, Niptuck & now Sons of Anarchy, to name a few. Now I won’t be able to watch the next couple of episodes of SOA’s. There was no advance warning prior to cancellation of this station from DISH. I’ve been a loyal subscriber for about 6 yrs. Well, I grant you I won’t miss anymore episodes because I AM canceling Dish Network. I am already in the process of going with Directv. I am sure I am not the only subscriber that DISH will be losing. So was it really worth it to deny Fox a fair compensation from the services that DISH are clearly making a profit on.


If Direct TV still carries Fox stations why doesn’t Dish? If Dish does not reinstate the Fox channels, I will move to Direct TV.


Dish Network, when we signed up with you we had no choice but to sign a 2 year contract and pay for one of the most expensive packages to get just a couple of the channels we only watch. You need to remember your in that contract too and now your in breech by not giving us the Fox and FX programming that we contracted to receive from you. You guys sure don’t have a problem charging and collecting your money when your customers breech thier contract with you. I say Class Action Suit!!! My family and friends will definitely be leaving Dish and remember word of mouth and bad customer relations can make or break a business.

Ok, the grammar on that last one is atrocious, probably not a plant.

How about this one:

We’ve been DISH customers for 15 years, but if Fox channels including Fox News are ever removed, we are GONE! If you think it’s bad now—just wait! People are getting tired of paying money just to be told what they can, and cannot watch. Turn lose of some of that money and give us the top rated TV channels we want and deserve as loyal customers. We still have SOME choices left in this country!!!

What choice is left when all your media comes from one corporation?


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