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Need an Alarm Clock?

yeti_tired.jpgGet a puppy. Although the Yeti-monster (as we have taken to calling her now) is sleeping through an entire night without issue, at 6:07am exactly she wakes up and begins whining. She has to go to the bathroom, no problem, I let her out. But I want those few extra minutes of sleep!

Well, I can probably just toss the alarm clock that doesn’t seem to get any radio reception anyways. We’ve got a Yeti-monster now.

Also of note, she knows where her food is, and where the treats are. She knows when we’re leaving for work. She also sits nicely and quietly when she comes back in now, waiting for a treat. This morning she did just that, and as I went to get her a treat, my toe dragged across a wet patch on the floor, hmm what’s this I thought as I carefully rocked up on my heels. Ahhh, once again she has peed on the floor. So now what do I do with the treat I have in my hand? I don’t want to encourage this peeing on the floor behavior, but on the other hand, when I found her, she was sitting quietly by the door, waiting to go out. It’s so hard to think like a dog! Oh well, cleaned that up quick, and we’re off to work. The accidents are becoming fewer and farther between, and if we could just find some toys she enjoyed chewing on as much as she does my toes, we’ll be doing well.

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