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Cool Site of the Day

A site that I frequently go to when I want to read about a new movie, cd or videogame is Metacritic.

The wonderful thing about this site is they take a CD for example, Spoon’s Kill The Moonlight (a 2002 top 10 candidate) and they have a database of newspapers and online sources from which they gather the scores and excerpts from all the different reviews of this album. They then assign a meta-score, and provide links back to each individual review.

It does wonders for my research process when I’m going to buy a new disc (be it DVD, CD or GameCube game).

Note to the RIAA. I do actually do research before buying CDs, I don’t listen to the radio to find new music, and I’m not going to buy what you tell me to buy. I rarely buy a CD on impulse. I’m always going to try to have heard most of the album before purchasing it. I know you think filesharing is the problem, it’s not. The problem you have now, is that all of us (your customers) are becoming better informed. We don’t want to buy the crap you’re trying to feed us.

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