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I’m going to miss one of my goals for the holiday shopping season. But just barely. And with good reason.

I was hoping to not step foot inside of a mall, major retail store, etc. in search of Christmas presents this year. All the people, clamoring for the latest and greatest, storming Wal-Mart when the doors open, knocking pregnant women over with shopping carts. It’s too much for me.

Granted, these incidents did happen at Wal-Mart. The armpit of America. Regardless, is that what shopping for your loved ones is coming to? Knocking people over to get in the door at 6am? Taking TVs from another shopper’s cart while waiting to check out?

One Wal-Mart shopper described the mob (and subsequently himself) as a “herd of cows”. I don’t really want to be a cow, personally.

That’s why I’m doing (just about) all my shopping online this year. Basically through, but you could do it anywhere. J.Crew, The Gap, Apple, CompUSA, Target, Dayton’s (sorry, Marshall Fields)

Hey, you can even shop online at Wal-Mart.

So save yourself the hassle, the lines, the craziness, the possibility of bodily harm, and just stay away from the malls!

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